Rhino Momma and African Elegance Safaris

African Elegance Safaris has partnered with the Rhino Momma Project in Namibia

We are pleased to announce that African Elegance Safaris has pledged its support to the Rhino Momma Project!

For every safari booking made through our company, we donate N$50 (per booking) to this incredible charity. As you may know, the goal of the Rhino Momma Project is simple but incredibly important – they are striving to save the beautiful white rhino in Namibia from extinction.

We are delighted to be working with such a great organisation and hope that together we can make a real contribution to the conservation of these wonderful animals for generations to come.

The Rhino Momma Project is a non-profit organisation established to financially support the largest white rhino breeding programme in Namibia. Together, they are making great strides in their conservation efforts with a multi-faceted approach.

The programme works to increase rhino populations and genetic diversity through reproduction, which includes translocating white rhinos back to their natural habitats and creating new populations in protected areas. Education also plays an important role: the team visits schools to educate young people about why it is so important to protect our wildlife heritage.

In addition, anti-poaching units have been set up and are working tirelessly around the clock to protect these majestic animals from poachers who only want to make a profit from the illegal trade of valuable horn material. The project has established a dedicated reserve where they conduct round-the-clock patrols to ensure maximum protection for all endangered species, including rhinos.

Finally, there is also a sanctuary and orphanage that exclusively cares for abandoned or injured baby white rhinos, limiting contact with humans so that they can be safely released back into the wild if possible! Join the Rhino Momma Project and the largest rhino breeding programme in Namibia today – let’s make sure future generations can enjoy these incredible animals as much as we do now!

At African Elegance Safaris we are pleased to offer you first class destination management services throughout Namibia. Our office is located right here on the ground in Windhoek, so you can rely on us to handle all aspects of your trip with ease!

But it’s not just about providing exceptional service – we are committed to giving back through our partnership with the Rhino Momma Project. For every customer who books a trip through us and travels to Namibia, we donate a certain amount per booked trip to this incredible cause every quarter.

We also actively promote awareness of the Rhino Momma Project internationally through the sales of shirts and distribution of brochures, while encouraging donations from those looking for ways to make a difference too. So why wait? Book now and discover with us what beautiful Namibia has in store for you!

Get inspired by the Rhino Momma Project and learn how you can make a difference by contacting Jessica Willemse at marketing@rhinomomma.com.

If you are looking for an adventure in Africa, contact Oliver Ahrens at oliver@africanelegancesafaris.com to find out more about the incredible partnership with the Rhino Momma Project.

Let’s work together to protect these majestic creatures!

To learn more about the Rhino Momma Project, click on the logo below.

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