Kalahari Bush Breaks

The farm of Kalahari Bush Breaks is 4000 ha and is located on the Trans – Kalahari Highway, which leads from Windhoek to Maun. The Kalahari Bush Breaks are located about 40 km from the Buitepos Mamuno border crossing into Botswana, about 85 km east of Gobabis and about 250 km from Windhoek.
The Kalahari Desert is a vast area that spans western Botswana, eastern Namibia and the Northern Cape. The guesthouse is surrounded by a pristine savannah landscape, where the guesthouse offers a natural, yet luxurious ambiance. The entrance area is in an open garden area where the restaurant, bar and pool are located. From here you can look out over the vast plains of the Kalahari and observe animals. In the main house there are the kitchen and other lounges with a fireplace and a bar when it gets too cold outside.
The Kalahari Bush Breaks consist of a spacious foyer with restaurant, bar and pool and a large garden area overlooking the Kalahari Desert. The rooms are located in the main building and in smaller houses a bit away from the entrance.
There are 8 rooms, 3 rooms are on different levels in the main building and 5 rooms are built slightly outside the main building. All rooms have private bathrooms, and the rooms just outside the door have a small veranda overlooking a waterhole. The campsite is a little further from the main building and has toilets and washing machines.

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