Okonjima’s Omboroko Campsite

Camping in the Okonjima Nature Reserve is the epitome of the African safari experience. Your small group or family can become one with nature as they visit the Carnivore Care Center, track leopards and cheetahs, learn about the indigenous people during the Bushman Trail, and tune into the sights, sounds and trails of Namibia’s grassy plains. The four, partially equipped, private campsites share a swimming pool at the foot of the Ombokoro Mountains and are located in the 2000 ha area without rehabilitation. All four sites offer spectacular vantage points for sundowners.

The Okonjima Nature Reserve is recognized as one of the best places to observe carnivores and other endangered species such as rhinos, pangolins and brown hyenas in the wild and to be educated about conservation. The AfriCAT Foundation was established in the early 1990s, a Namibian registered non-profit organization that began primarily as a charity and has since focused on research projects essential to fulfilling its mission of long-term conservation of Namibian wildlife.

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