Ai-Aiba Lodge

Ai-Aiba Lodge

Aiba – Rock Painting Lodge is dramatically set against imposing granite cliffs in the foothills of the Erongo Mountains.

Ai-Aiba is famous for its countless rock paintings and is a mystical exploration of nature.

The lodge with its restaurant, lounge and pool with high thatched roof is an oasis surrounded by tall palm trees and picturesque views of magnificent rocky outcrops and bush savannah. Towering boulders form the backdrop for the mountain huts overlooking this rugged landscape.

Trekking on foot through an incredible wilderness of rare adapted fauna and flora, framed by precariously
balanced boulders, is a reminder of the ancient relationship between man and nature. Rock paintings show
ancient hunting rituals, human and animal life in this geologically rich and complex environment.

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Tour Consultant
Pascal Assemat
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