Ghaub Campsite

An idyllic oasis in the rugged Otavi Mountains: rustic farm walls, tall palm trees, dense bushes and a huge lawn surround the lovingly restored historic buildings of Ghaub Lodge.
The 120 km² area of Ghaub includes a nature reserve with lots of game, extraordinary rock engravings and a dripstone cave, as well as a farm area with livestock and vegetable cultivation.

The campsites are located at the starting point of the hiking trails and below the “Lion King” rock, from which you can greet the rising sun.

3 pitches, each with its own shower/WC
Lawn, barbecue area, table, sink, light, electricity
5 min. walking distance to the lodge (restaurant, bar, pool, free wifi)
Firewood available
Please be prepared to be self-sufficient. In the lodge restaurant seats are only available if the lodge is not fully booked; table reservations are not possible.

Experience on Ghaub (bookable):

Rhino Drive (rhino, giraffe, eland, blesbok, etc.; rock engravings)
Rhino Tracking (meet rhinos at eye level)
Cave excursion (third largest cave in Namibia)
Farm tour (cattle breeding, vegetable growing)
Hiking trails (charming mountain landscape, over 250 species of birds)
Historical ambience (former mission station from 1895)
Farm products (vegetables, fruit, fruit juices, jam, etc.)

A smiling older man in a white shirt.
Tour Consultant
Pascal Assemat
from €69
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