Mount Ceder Lodge

Mount Ceder is a perfect weekend destination from Cape Town, offering visitors a variety of relaxing accommodations and exciting activities in the Cederberg Mountains. Nestled in a valley of the Grootrivier, surrounded by rugged and dramatic mountains, Mount Ceder is easily accessible along the main road through the Cederberg mountain range. It’s a great wilderness area with majestic views, amazing spring flowers, rugged mountain biking, walking and hiking – perfect for the young and not so young.

How you enjoy the beauty of Mount Ceder is up to you. Walk with no one in the mountains, climb over the unique rock formations or swim with the kids in the perennial river. Of course, you can also just relax in the luxury of your home in this piece of unspoiled paradise. Unwind at the end of an eventful day with a relaxing drink on your veranda or enjoy a healthy 3-course meal at the Old Mill House restaurant, accompanied by excellent local wines.

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Tour Consultant
Pascal Assemat
South Africa
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