Nambwa Community Campsite

The magnificence of Nambwa and the iconic setting in which it is located stimulate the senses and offer adventurous “wild camping” since its official opening in 2004. It was an initiative of the local communities in Bwabwata National Park and operated by the Mayuni Conservancy. The management and marketing of this truly unique place has been transferred to African Monarch Lodges. The location of Nambwa in the pristine Kwando core area will impress you. Elephants, hippos, hyenas and our own leopard are frequent visitors to this idyllic forest island. With spacious campsites directly on the riverbank and in the shade of old trees will please you. Nambwa is a gateway to the rest of Bwabwata National Park, from where you can explore the winding dirt roads at your leisure.


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Tour Consultant
Pascal Assemat
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