Namutoni Resort

The old German fort gives Namutoni its unique ambience. The fort is home to a wide range of facilities and a variety of accommodations. From the wall of the fort you can see animals around the King Nehale waterhole without leaving the camp. The camp is located in the eastern part of the Etosha National Park and can be reached through the Von Lindequist Gate. The proximity to Fisher’s Pan makes Namutoni a hotspot for birds. Two restaurants, a craft store, a swimming pool and a viewing platform overlooking the King Nehhale waterhole make it a nice place to relax during lunch time or after a night safari there. The African Fusion Restaurant will transport you to regional flavors, whereas The Steakhouse offers Western cuisine. A small supermarket, souvenir store and gas station will provide you with nice odds and ends and all the necessities.Namutoni was originally built in 1897 as a checkpoint during the BSE epidemic. Between 1902 and 1903, the fort was built by the German Schutztruppe and rebuilt in 1906 after the original building had previously been destroyed by the Oyambo. The fort served as a police post and later as a South African military base. In 1950 Fort Namutoni was designated a National Monument and in 1957 the doors were opened to the public.

The old fort makes a stay in Namutoni a unique experience. You can choose between three different types of accommodation:

  • Spacious and comfortable chalets with two beds and private bathroom. This option offers the most privacy and is also equipped with a terrace and an outdoor shower. Wooden walkways connect the chalets with the restaurant and bar area.
  • Double room with private bathroom and private outdoor area.
  • The campsite with spacious pitches and communal washrooms on both sides of the site.

Here’s what you’ll find at Namutoni Rest Camp:

  • Two restaurants: African Fusion and The Steakhouse
  • Bush Bar near the campsite
  • Bar near the fort
  • Souvenir store
  • Stores
  • Gas station
  • Swimming pool
  • Waterhole and viewpoint
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