Savuti Campsite

Recognized as a premier game viewing area, Savuti covers nearly 5,000 square kilometers in the southwest of Chobe National Park. Parts of Savuti are almost desert-like with a scorching sun and hot sand, while at the other end are vast grassy plains.

Savuti is known for its elephants, lions and hyenas, all of which visit the lodge for an experience not to be forgotten! Listening to the night sounds of Savuti is an unforgettable experience. Savuti is not only one of the best game viewing areas in Africa, but is also breathtakingly beautiful, with rocky outcrops and rolling grasslands interspersed with dead trees. In 2009, the Savuti Channel began to flow again – the first time in 30 years. By February 2010, the canal had reached the marsh, transforming the area and bringing new life. The Savuti area is now returning to its former glory – when it was known as one of the most important wildlife areas in Botswana.

This campground offers large campsites with running water (no drinking water) at each campsite. In the center of the campsite there is an elephant sanctuary complex where there are water basins, showers and wash basins.

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