Senyati Safari Campsites

Senyati Safari Camp offers self-catering accommodation as well as campsites near Chobe National Park. The self-catering accommodations are shielded from neighbors – but at the waterhole everything is crowded, including big game. Each campsite has its own washroom. From the bar you have a view of the animals cavorting at the waterhole without having to drive anywhere. Although other people won’t bother you in your shower, you can never be sure that some big game won’t pop in for a quick drink. In this accommodation near Chobe you are in direct contact with nature. Senyati Self Catering Lodge brings you to nature and nature to you. We don’t get five stars for our facilities, but we do for the service and the environment.This Chobe self-catering accommodation is privately owned and located about 20 km from the world famous Chobe National Park. There are no fences between Chobe and Senyati Self-Catering Lodge. Senyati Camp for self-catering has its own waterhole and viewing platform – and therefore you can see many animals there, including the “Big Five”. However, it is mainly elephants that come to the waterhole. They often bathe there to cool off. The aim of the owners of Senyati Camp and Self-Catering is to offer a product with a good price-quality ratio for people who travel by themselves. They offer campsites, each with its own facilities. The cottages are fully equipped for self-catering. This is the only self-catering accommodation at Chobe National Park.

The self-contained self-catering cottages are comfortable and each has its own bathroom. There is also a cash bar there. Senyati Safari Lodge is the pride of the owner and his team and you will experience this enthusiasm from the moment you arrive until your surely sad farewell. Senyati is located on the main road to Nata\Kazungula, 8 km before Kazungula and 18 km from Chobe Game Reserve.

Senyati has a viewing platform with a bar overlooking the waterhole, which is illuminated in the evening. 18 individual thatch-roofed campsites with 220 v electricity are available.

Each campsite has its own washroom. There are also three individual self-catering cottages that have a refrigerator/freezer, 2-plate stove and fully equipped kitchen.

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