Skukuza Rest Camp

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The largest rest camp in the Kruger National Park as well as its administrative center, Skukuza Restcamp, is located on the south bank of the Sabie River. Well foliaged, with tall trees on the banks of the river, visitors can expect to see a variety of animals and plants at this popular camp, as well as a range of activities and facilities.

Skukuza Camp, established in 1898 as part of the original Sabie Game Reserve, is rich in history. Originally known as Sabie Bridge Rest Camp, Skukuza was derived from the Tsonga word Sikhukhuza. This was the Zulu nickname given to the park’s first warden James Stevenson-Hamilton, who cleared the area of large groups of poachers and outlaws and was therefore called Sikhukhuza or “a new broom” by the local population. The eponymous museum houses relevant artifacts from the region, including the knife of legendary ranger Harry Wolhuter in his famous battle to kill an attacking lion and save his own life.

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