The Cavern Resort & Spa

The Cavern Resort & Spa, named after the infamous Cannibal Cavern, is located in the foothills of the northern Drakensberg in the World Heritage Amphitheater. A place of fascinating beauty, surrounded by majestic mountains, lush forests and clear mountain streams.Once a humble homestead, rustic and simple, today The Cavern is a comfortable home for many families vacationing in these majestic mountains. The Carte family has owned the Cavern for 75 years and from the beginning has offered its guests an unforgettable family vacation – not just a stay in a good hotel. It all began in 1941 with a letter from Bill Carte to Ruth: “Ruth, my darling, I beg you as never before: trust me, marry me, and be my friend in building a house and farm in South Africa.” The Cavern is now run by the third generation: Hilton and Megan Bedingham and Lesley Carte.


South Africa
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