Trans Kalahari Walk Tented Camp

Guided full-day hike with 2 overnight stays through the Kalahari.

Hiking and spending the night in the vastness of the African savannah mean the most intense perception and closeness to nature. The Kalahari, with its red sand dunes and grassy, tree-covered plains, captivates the African traveller. Feel the hot desert wind up close. Watch herds of antelope on the vast steppe, spot giraffes feeding in the treetops. Experience the sunset. In the evening, enjoy an African braai around the campfire on a sand dune before listening to the sounds of the night in the tent or even outside under the stars. In the morning, shortly before sunrise, shivering a little with a cup of steaming coffee, watching wildebeest and zebra drink at the nearby waterhole and then experiencing the moment when the sun bursts out glistening golden behind the dunes. Suddenly it becomes pleasantly warm, the night is over, the new day has begun. Africa. The “Trans Kalahari Walk” successfully combines a comfortable lodge, strenuous but rewarding physical activity and campfire romance in the Kalahari dunes.

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