Twyfelfontein adventure camp

Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp is situated at the foot of a granite formation not far from the Huab dry river course. The rock engravings of Twyfelfontein are a few minutes drive away. On foot you can visit the Damara Living Museum.

Twyfelfontein Adventure Camp

  • Open restaurant and bar with fireplace
  • Pool with shaded terrace
  • Viewing terrace
  • Runway
  • Solar energy
  • Free WiFi in the restaurant area
  • Mobile phone availability

Double guest tents: 12(for families additional igloo tent)

All tents have:

  • open bathroom with solar heated hot water shower
  • USB charging option
  • Terrace with armchairs
A smiling older man in a white shirt.
Tour Consultant
Pascal Assemat
from €69
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