Avondrust Guest House

The Karoo town of Graaff-Reinet lies in a loop of the Sundays River and is home to some 200 national monuments. A piece of history reveals itself to the visitor at every corner. And here, in the center of the city, the merino sheep breeder and breeder Jan Stephanus Minnaar built his dream house in 1911. Avondrust (“evening rest”) was to become his retirement home. He lived here with his wife Maria Magdalena Smuts, “Ouma Smuts.” After his death, his daughter Cora Lückhoff inherited Avondrust. Cora did not want to live in the house and sold it to her brother, Eduard Smuts (Eddie) Minnaar. After the death of him and his wife, Cyril Minnaar bought Avondrust from the estate. His grandfather was the brother of Jan Minnaar. Still later, Avondrust became a residence for aspiring female teachers. A series of new owners followed. Eventually an investment company from England bought the house, but their plans never materialized and Avondrust stood empty for quite a while. In the 90’s the Van Hoffen family converted the house into a guest house. It continues to be a home for guests today with business partners Nico Hattingh and Tess Erlank as the current owners.


South Africa
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