Chobe River Camp Gondwana Collection Namibia

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Tented Chalet Double PP (BB)

Where else is there such a scenario? After about 1,500 kilometres through Angola, Zambia and Botswana, the Chobe River flows right past our camp. Well, not quite by chance, because this blissful spot, where elephant families and whole herds of zebra, buffalo and antelope gather to bathe, seemed to us the best place to set up camp. And so it came to be: ecologically built, the camp’s comfortable tented chalets blend into the river landscape. A place for the senses, dead quiet except for a soft splash and the songs when birds hold weddings, which they actually always do, only especially in the morning. Before you slip into a coma, though, it’s stalking time. Just around the corner – a pride of lions away, so to speak – is the wild realm of Chobe National Park, officially home to the largest density of elephants in Africa. The great kudu resides here, buffalo, blue wildebeest, plains zebra, giraffe, impala and after a deadly lunch the white-backed vulture cleans up the remains. Another goosebump experience announces itself with incomparably more noise. It is the sound that can be heard for miles around when ten million liters of water plunge 110 meters into the depths. Per second, mind you. Not suitable for showering, but at the “largest water curtain on earth”, you will get wet even so. Welcome to Victoria Falls.

Activities bookable:

  • Chobe River Camp Recreational Activities – You don’t want to leave it at just watching, do you? Our safari boats and vehicles set out in both the morning and afternoon to take you to the sandbars, hideouts and favorite wildlife spots on the Chobe.
  • Morning/afternoon boat cruise – Take advantage of the great early morning or late afternoon opportunity to explore the wildlife-rich waters of the Chobe River in the oblique light. Duration about 3 hours, seasonal. On request only. Drinks and snacks are included in the price.
  • Full Day Boat Trip – Join an approximately 6-hour boat trip on the Chobe River, exploring the river arms and the diverse bird life. Incl. light lunch and drinks. For 4-10 persons, departure in the morning, seasonal.
  • Sunset Boat Trip – Watch the sunset as you enjoy a relaxing boat ride on the Chobe River. Incl. Drinks and snacks, about 2 hours, seasonal.
  • Canadier tour – sport, fun and game viewing on the Chobe. Our guided canoe tours take place seasonally and can therefore only be booked at the lodge. Drinks and a light snack are included in the price.
  • Guided Hike – Discover the beauty of the Zambezi region on foot during a hike with a reliable guide. Hikes take place seasonally and can therefore only be booked at the lodge.
  • Bird watching excursion – Join our guide for bird watching. With his trained eye, he spots numerous birds around Chobe River Camp, even when they are well camouflaged and sitting motionless in the tall grass. This excursion is available seasonally and depends on the water level of the Chobe River. It can only be booked directly with the lodge. Refreshments and a light snack are included in the price.
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